Nov 19

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We Need a Hero

Now is the time for a hero.  We need more NO’s–NO to the federal government, NO to stimulus money, NO to bailouts, NO to federal funds–they all have strings.  Many of our leaders seem to be nothing more than useful idiots serving their campaign contributors with aspirations of higher office.  Now we need heroes.  Our country is sinking, and we don’t need a captain.  We need someone who is willing to jump in the water and fix the holes!   We need citizen candidates, brave souls willing to take some bullets, speak the truth, slash budgets, stand by our Constitution, and willingly rein in federal spending.  We need people who don’t need consultants to answer questions.  We need penny pinchers, not spendthrifts.  We need innovators, not people who give only lip service.  Now is the time, the eleventh hour, when we need someone with faith enough to throw a Hail Mary knowing that we are going to score.  We need people who understand what is fundamentally wrong with our Country.  We need leaders who can call a spade a spade.  We need leaders who can still recognize communism and know that there is no such thing as community rights, only individual liberties and freedoms.  We need leaders to be willing to pull us out of the UN.  We need leaders who truly understand the meaning of a republic and the difference between mob rule and a democracy.  We need leaders who can distinguish between inalienable and unalienable rights.  We need leaders who will hold their hands over their hearts during the pledge of allegiance.  We need leaders to defend the rights of the unborn.  We need leaders to insist we send another man or woman to the moon.  We need leaders who know and appreciate the greatness of our founders.  We need leaders to understand how destructive a centralized bank has been.  We need leaders to inspect what we expect them to.  We need leaders to believe in more conspiracies!  We need leaders to love.   We need an awakening!

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