May 03

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Urgent Action Needed! SB241 Makes It Out of Committee

By the grace of God, SB241 makes a miraculous comeback with the national spotlight on the Lone Star State!  Thanks to all of your calls and efforts of “We the People!”, SB241 makes it out of committee.  Now we need  your help yet again, and we will surely be calling on you a couple more times during this crucial end of this legislative session.

What we need is Bipartisan support for this bill from 21 senators in total.  The vote could potentially happen early next week, and if the Lieutenant Governor feels that the votes are there, it will go to the floor for a vote.  Please call your senator and encourage people from both sides of the aisle in all districts to do the same.  (Click to find out who your senator is!)

Talking points for SB241:

Vote in favor of SB241 because the bill gives me the right to choose whether or not I have a monitoring and control computer on the side of my house.  By enabling me to remove the smart meter, the bill allows me to keep my lifestyle choices (how I use my electricity) private and secure from others who have no business knowing or controlling what I do in my own home. Regarding the speculated cost of the opt-out provision, this bill recognizes that charging consumers to pay extra not to participate in a non-mandatory program whose benefits do not outweigh the risks nor the increased costs is irrational and irresponsible. Paying extra to protect one’s Health or privacy or security of personal information is unjustified. This bill protects Texas’ grid independence; maintaining Texas’ sovereignty over our natural resources is paramount and nonpartisan. By establishing a joint legislative study committee, this bill also recognizes the lack of consideration given to the potential for very serious negative health effects associated with electromagnetic frequencies.

Finally, can we count on Senator___________’s support for the bill as it is written? Do you think the senator will want to add an amendment? If so, what and why? Is there any influence that might change the senator’s vote? If so, will you call me back to discuss it?

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