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May 08

An online Skit About Comprehensive Planning! TOO FUNNY!

This is so close to the truth!  Great way to share what is going on!

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Nov 07

Agenda 21 for Lower Living Standards

Rosa does a great job on this program describing exactly what UN Agenda 21 is and how it is showing its face in our communities.

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Aug 03

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE: America’s Last Chance

Independent Documentary Calls for a Thousand Paul Reveres BEHOLD A PALE HORSE “America’s Last Chance” Part One is a film that crystallizes the loss of American sovereignty and personal liberty with legendary Country Music star Charlie Daniels, as narrator. This powerful documentary is designed to illustrate the rise of world government through the UN and …

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Apr 15

San Marcos: Changes to Land Development Codes, SmartCode, Parks Plans

Warning to Business and Property Owners in San Marcos and 3 mile ETJ Last year, without the consent of the voters, the San Marcos City Council adopted a special type of zoning called “SmartCode”. The City of San Marcos will hold a public meeting on April 18th, which is the third in a series of …

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Mar 01

Susan Narvaiz for Congress: A Republican Really?

Susan Narvaiz for Congress: A Republican Really? Republicans believe that the purpose of government is to ensure that the rights of the individual are protected, and at the same time, the government must restrict its activities to providing only services that individuals cannot provide alone, such as a national defense. The Republican philosophy also recognizes …

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Oct 29

Communist Planning vs. Smart Growth

Across our land, consortiums in every major metropolitan area are plotting our common future by implementing sustainable communities based on the premise of smart growth, which leads to high density mixed-use housing.  Today, smart growth planners are implementing the same ideas as the University of Moscow planners did forty years ago in a book entitled, …

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Oct 24

Capital Area Texas Sustainability (CATS) Consortium is Promoting UN Agenda 21!

Activity Centers

The Capital Area Texas Sustainability (CATS) Consortium is a broad-based collaboration of public, private, academic, and nonprofit groups in Central Texas promoting UN Agenda 21 goals.  The coalition seeks to implement a “regional plan” and vision for sustainable development.  Key members and groups include:  Capital Area Council of Governments (lead applicant) CAPCOG, Capital Area Metropolitan Planning …

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Video Introduction to Agenda 21

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Oct 20

Portland Proves that Smart Growth Doesn’t Work!

Thursday, October 14, 1999 by Randal O’Toole City officials and planners from all over the world are traveling to Portland, Ore., for a first hand look at the municipal pioneer of Smart Growth (also known as the New Urbanism), the latest fad in urban planning. Smart Growth promises less congestion, less air pollution, reduced infrastructure …

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