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Dec 14

Final Revised Letter to San Marcos, Texas City Council About Agenda 21

December 18, 2012   Mr. Mayor and City Council Members I am writing to inform you that the City of San Marcos’ development code and many of its project plans did not originate here in San Marcos, and infringe upon the Rights of its residents. Having attended many of the visioning meetings, I would like …

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Sep 20

U.N. Conquers Texas–Infowars Video

Infowars Nightly News reporters Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton investigate the local initiatives driving the spread of “sustainable communities,” now taking over Central Texas and driving its population into a containment grid under the guise of “smart growth” and other such measures. The Infowars team visits several local meetings working to inject ‘sustainable’ principles into …

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Apr 19

Susan Narvaiz: A Legacy of Debt

In her bid for United States Congress, former San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz has left behind a trail of debt which will burden future generations for years to come.  In 2004 when Ms. Narvaiz took office as Mayor, the outstanding principal tax-supported debt stood at $40 million dollars, and the population was 44,769 according to the Texas Bond Review Board …

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Apr 15

San Marcos: Changes to Land Development Codes, SmartCode, Parks Plans

Warning to Business and Property Owners in San Marcos and 3 mile ETJ Last year, without the consent of the voters, the San Marcos City Council adopted a special type of zoning called “SmartCode”. The City of San Marcos will hold a public meeting on April 18th, which is the third in a series of …

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Mar 29

Resolution Rejecting UN Heritage Sites in Texas

NO TO UN HERITAGE SITES IN TEXAS WHEREAS the United Nations has designated over 60 sites in the United States as “world heritage sites” or “biosphere reserves,” which altogether are equal in size to the State of Colorado, the eighth largest state; and WHEREAS art. IV, sec. 3, United States Constitution, provides that the United …

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Mar 29

Resolution Opposing the Mandated Use of Smart Meters

SMART METERS WHEREAS, “Smart Meters” are dangerous, unsafe radiation-emitting devices that are being forced on the unknowing public, many times without permission, by utility companies, causing possible health and environmental hazards and higher energy bills; and WHEREAS, Smart Meters are a threat to freedom, as they intrude on privacy, tracking citizens’ movements and exact electrical …

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Nov 19

Plastic Bag Ban Proposition in San Marcos: More Big Brother

The plastic bag ban in San Marcos is the most ridiculous idea ever!  I am sick and tired of people proposing more and more regulations.  This is about choice, not only for the consumer, but for the owner of that business who pays property tax!!!  We as consumers can choose paper or plastic.  This is …

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Oct 24

Capital Area Texas Sustainability (CATS) Consortium is Promoting UN Agenda 21!

Activity Centers

The Capital Area Texas Sustainability (CATS) Consortium is a broad-based collaboration of public, private, academic, and nonprofit groups in Central Texas promoting UN Agenda 21 goals.  The coalition seeks to implement a “regional plan” and vision for sustainable development.  Key members and groups include:  Capital Area Council of Governments (lead applicant) CAPCOG, Capital Area Metropolitan Planning …

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