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Aug 03

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE: America’s Last Chance

Independent Documentary Calls for a Thousand Paul Reveres BEHOLD A PALE HORSE “America’s Last Chance” Part One is a film that crystallizes the loss of American sovereignty and personal liberty with legendary Country Music star Charlie Daniels, as narrator. This powerful documentary is designed to illustrate the rise of world government through the UN and …

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Nov 04

The GAP Analysis: NGOs Coming for Your Private Property


The GAP analysis represents the first step in locking up one half of America into wildlands for the highly questionable purpose for protecting nature from man. The Gap analysis is a tool used in wildlife conservation to identify “gaps” in conservation lands, utilizing three types of data:  vegetative cover, animal distribution, and property ownership.  The …

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Oct 19

Justin Padgett to be on Friday’s Radio Show with the Unsolicited Opinion

Friday, October 21, 2012 at 10:00 AM Central, Justin Padgett will be speaking with America’s Truth Teller, Maggie Roddin, AKA The Unsolicited Opinion.  Maggie hails from Philadelphia, PA and has her own radio show on rbn.  Maggie speaks the truth and educates listeners about the advancement of UN Agenda 21 and how it is slowly taking down our country …

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