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Dec 14


By Michael Shaw www.freedomadvocates.org December 14, 2012 NewsWithViews.com Gone are the days when government was limited, where individuals were politically acknowledged to possess unalienable rights, and where money was honest. The American political structure has been transformed. This has occurred quietly for more than 50 years without public awareness of the mechanisms underlying the change. …

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Nov 28

Call For Texans to Boycott Cintra’s Foreign Owned Toll Road

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Nov 07

Agenda 21 for Lower Living Standards

Rosa does a great job on this program describing exactly what UN Agenda 21 is and how it is showing its face in our communities.

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Oct 18

Watch Behold a Pale Horse Movie Streaming!

Be sure and click the enlarge icon on the bottom right of the player once purchased to watch the video in full screen mode if you so choose.

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Sep 20

U.N. Conquers Texas–Infowars Video

Infowars Nightly News reporters Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton investigate the local initiatives driving the spread of “sustainable communities,” now taking over Central Texas and driving its population into a containment grid under the guise of “smart growth” and other such measures. The Infowars team visits several local meetings working to inject ‘sustainable’ principles into …

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Aug 03

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE: America’s Last Chance

Independent Documentary Calls for a Thousand Paul Reveres BEHOLD A PALE HORSE “America’s Last Chance” Part One is a film that crystallizes the loss of American sovereignty and personal liberty with legendary Country Music star Charlie Daniels, as narrator. This powerful documentary is designed to illustrate the rise of world government through the UN and …

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May 24

Alert Hays County, CD 35, CD 21, and SD 25 Voters!

Alert Hays County, CD 35, CD 21, and SD 25 Voters! We need your help on May 29th to fight UN Agenda 21 here in Hays County. Two of the biggest ringleaders who are pushing UN Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development here are on the Republican Primary ballot on May 29th.  We need your help …

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Apr 03

Texas SREC Opposes UN Agenda 21 by Passing Resolution

Texas Opposition to United Nations Sustainable Development and All Entities Involved in Implementation of Such Programs (PDF Version) WHEREAS, according to the European model, privately held property is not viewed as an absolute right given by a benevolent Creator, but is viewed as a mere privilege granted by government with the clear understanding that every benefit …

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Mar 01

Susan Narvaiz for Congress: A Republican Really?

Susan Narvaiz for Congress: A Republican Really? Republicans believe that the purpose of government is to ensure that the rights of the individual are protected, and at the same time, the government must restrict its activities to providing only services that individuals cannot provide alone, such as a national defense. The Republican philosophy also recognizes …

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Feb 16

George Soros and the League of Cities

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