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Susan Narvaiz for Congress: A Republican Really?

Susan Narvaiz for Congress: A Republican Really?

Republicans believe that the purpose of government is to ensure that the rights of the individual are protected, and at the same time, the government must restrict its activities to providing only services that individuals cannot provide alone, such as a national defense. The Republican philosophy also recognizes that the best place for government to operate is locally at the community and state level where it can more effectively offer services that help individuals who may be unable to provide for themselves. While offering individual service, the ideal goal is to help those in need to become independent.

Let’s examine Susan Narvaiz’s record and see if she fits the mold adhering to the Republican philosophy through her actions over the last few years.  Let’s first take a look at her involvement with the National League of Cities and the Municipal League, both of which seem to be very innocuous, but under closer scrutiny these organizations have functioned in a Soviet Style method and are funded in many cities by Socialist Billionaire, George Soros and is one of the main front organizations involved in “Remaking of America”.  Many of the projects promoted by the League of Cities include local tax increases and gun control.  To some of these organizations, the definition of liberty does not includes the second amendment which ensures every citizen the right to bear arms.  The National League of Cities is notorious for encouraging local debt so that cities must be bailed out at a later date by the Federal Government, which always comes with strings attached.  Susan has stated that the federal money is our money too, but at what cost when it comes back to us with restrictions and limitations on our freedoms and liberties.  The Texas Municipal League tends to be left of center in the state of Texas and even supports the Kelo decision favoring economic development over private property rights.  “The moment the idea the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the Law of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.”  John Adams

Mrs Narvaiz served on the Board of Directors on Envision Central Texas which was primarily responsible for performing the GAP Analysis for the federal government, otherwise known as the “greenprint for growth”.   The GAP Analysis represents the first step in locking up one half of America into wildlands for the highly questionable purpose for protecting nature from man. The Gap Analysis is a tool used in wildlife conservation to identify “gaps” in conservation lands, utilizing three types of data: vegetative cover, animal distribution, and property ownership.  It is apparent that individual rights and human beings are not Mrs. Narvaiz’s main consideration.

Mrs. Narvaiz was a member of CAPCOG and CAMPO, meeting regional goals as an unelected federal bureaucrat on both boards.  Mrs. Narvaiz’s main emphasis has been enacting rules which follow the guildelines of organizations which completely omit citizen input and process.  There has been no input from local taxpayers in these cases.  If she has performed this way in her position as mayor, how will she behave in Washington D.C.?  She was Mayor during a completely bogus round of “charettes” for our new coding of downtown, which was supposed to be done for economic development and make our city really stand out all in the name of smart growth.  All of these plans were predetermined in outcome.  They just needed “buy in” from the citizens to justify the actions already set forth.  Although Smart Code was not passed during her tenure, the process took place during it.  Mrs. Narvaiz also shows through her Letter of Intent for Sustainability Consortium her support for the sustainable communities regional planning grant which is our regions version of promoting UN Agenda 21 through sustainable development.

Liberty today is said to mean that if you cannot afford to pay for something that is a right then you are being denied that right, and government needs to give you the money or resources for that right.  This is the logic of liberalism and is steeped in every aspect of sustainable development and the regional mobility plans aka sustainable communities regional planning grant.  Mrs. Narvaiz cannot deny her involvement with these positions, and her resume reflects this in every aspect.

Has Susan Narvaiz shown that she believes in the Republican form of government, or has she already been acting as a federal bureaucrat at the local level?  I will let the facts stand where they may.  Thanks for all who have collaborated on this article.  More to come!


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