Apr 19

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Susan Narvaiz: A Legacy of Debt

In her bid for United States Congress, former San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz has left behind a trail of debt which will burden future generations for years to come.  In 2004 when Ms. Narvaiz took office as Mayor, the outstanding principal tax-supported debt stood at $40 million dollars, and the population was 44,769 according to the Texas Bond Review Board and the City Development Services Department.  In 2010 when Ms. Narvaiz vacated the Mayor’s office, the outstanding principal tax-supported debt stood at approximately $193 million dollars, and the population was 44,894 according to the Texas Bond Review Board and the United States Census.  This is an increase of 380% principal tax-supported debt, while the population gained only 0.28% or less than a percentage during this time frame.  Another way to put this is prior to Susan Narvaiz’s becoming mayor of San Marcos, each person in San Marcos was on the hook for $901 of principal tax-supported debt.  When Susan Narvaiz left office, each resident of San Marcos was on the hook for $4,313 of principal tax-supported debt.

Only tax-supported debt has been referenced because it is the most fair way to talk about the current state of affairs without smoke and mirrors.  Tax-supported debt does not include the interest to the debt which is approximately 40 percent of the total principal of tax-supported debt at any given time or the principal and interest of the revenue debt.  Prior to Ms. Narvaiz even joining the city council in 2000 the tax-supported debt of San Marcos was only $4.5 million dollars, a drop in the bucket to what each resident is now on the hook for.  All in all, with principal and interest of tax-supported and revenue debt, San Marcos citizens are on the hook for $385 million dollars or $8,600 individually.

Do we really need to be sending someone to Washington to face our debt issues when Ms. Narvaiz is leaving San Marcos in a rubble pile of debt.  We need someone to say no and HELL NO to special interest and lobbyists.  I am very doubtful Ms. Narvaiz has the backbone to do that.

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