Mar 29

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Resolution Rejecting UN Heritage Sites in Texas


WHEREAS the United Nations has designated over 60 sites in the United States as “world heritage sites” or “biosphere reserves,” which altogether are equal in size to the State of Colorado, the eighth largest state; and

WHEREAS art. IV, sec. 3, United States Constitution, provides that the United States Congress shall make all needed rules and regulations respecting the territory or other property belonging to the United States and nothing in the constitution shall be construed to prejudice any claims of the United States or of any state; and

WHEREAS many of the United Nations’ designations include private property inholdings and contemplate buffer zones of adjacent land; and

WHEREAS some international land designations, such as those under the United States Biosphere Reserve Program and the Man and Biosphere Program of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, operate under independent national committees such as the United States Man and Biosphere National Committee that have no legislative directives or authorization from the United States Congress; and

WHEREAS local citizens and public officials concerned about job creation and resource-based economies usually have no say in the designation of land near their homes for inclusion in an international land use program; and

WHEREAS these international designations are an open invitation to the international community to interfere in domestic economies and land use decisions; and

WHEREAS environmental groups and the United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service, have been working to establish world heritage sites in Texas,

WHEREAS foreign companies and countries could use these international designations in Texas to block or inhibit economic development that they perceive as competition; and

WHEREAS animal rights activists could use these international designations to generate pressure to harass or block water usage; and

WHEREAS international designations may be used to harass or block industrial development in the state, including projects related to fishing, mining, timber harvesting, railroads, power transmission lines, pipelines, and other oil and gas development; and

WHEREAS the subsistence and recreational use of fish and game resources in the state could be severely and negatively affected by international land use designations; and

WHEREAS the United States Department of the Interior, in cooperation with the Federal Interagency Panel for World Heritage, has identified lands in Texas as likely to meet the criteria for future nomination as world heritage sites; and

WHEREAS under current law, the United States Secretary of the Interior can nominate world heritage sites, and the United States Secretary of State can nominate biosphere reserves, both without approval by the Congress; therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Texas State Legislature recognizes and reaffirms the constitutional authority guaranteed to the states by the Tenth Amendment to declare that the right of designation be given to the state of Texas; and be it

FURTHERE RESOLVED that the Texas State Legislature objects to the nomination or designation of any site in Texas as a world heritage site, biosphere reserve, or any other type of international designation without the prior consent of the Texas State Legislature and affected local governments.

Be it further resolved, that a copy of this resolution be sent to the ___________ Senatorial/County Convention Resolutions Committee from Precinct # ___ of the __________County  ______________ Party, with the recommendation that it be passed and sent to the State Convention Platform Committee of the ___________Party of Texas.



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