Nov 19

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Plastic Bag Ban Proposition in San Marcos: More Big Brother

The plastic bag ban in San Marcos is the most ridiculous idea ever!  I am sick and tired of people proposing more and more regulations.  This is about choice, not only for the consumer, but for the owner of that business who pays property tax!!!  We as consumers can choose paper or plastic.  This is again about property rights!  There are no community rights granted by our Constitution.  After all, even if we banned plastic bags, what comes in every box of cereal?  A plastic bag.  What is in every trashcan in nearly every building in San Marcos?  A plastic bag.  There are plastic bags all over this world.  Also, the bags aren’t “plastic”.

The Oil Myth:  Plastic bags are made out of polyethylene.  In the United States, ethylene is made of ethane which is extracted from natural gas.  As a result, almost all plastic bags used in the United States are not made out of oil.  If plastic bags are not made out of the byproduct of natural gas, the ethylene would otherwise be burned off and wasted, causing more “greenhouse emissions.”

Unlike reusable bags, plastic bags don’t harbor e-coli and other harmful bacteria from exposure to raw meat and produce.

Propositions such as banning plastic bags in San Marcos have nothing to do with health, conservation or science.  It is all about control.  Environmentalists have created a green religion, and they are determined to drag the rest of society down the path to their belief.  This is yet another part of Agenda 21, aka sustainable development, and our leaders are nothing but federal bureaucrats implementing international regulation, and we are sheep.  These ideas are all communitarian
in nature and are quite disturbing and are a symptom of where our country is headed.

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