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Final Revised Letter to San Marcos, Texas City Council About Agenda 21

December 18, 2012


Mr. Mayor and City Council Members

I am writing to inform you that the City of San Marcos’ development code and many of its project plans did not originate here in San Marcos, and infringe upon the Rights of its residents.

Having attended many of the visioning meetings, I would like to speak for the 46,000 San Marcos citizens who were not there.  The goals from the visioning sessions and the master plan are pre-packaged global social engineering recommendations as set forth in UN Agenda 21, which spawned the President’s Council for Sustainable Development.  If you do not understand this, I can explain this to you!

You should be aware that the EPA, HUD, and DOT have fully integrated these social engineering goals into their regulations and procedures.  You should also be aware that Smart Code, smart meters, the transportation plan, and our involvement with ICLEI and other actions are to prepare San Marcos to achieve an arbitrary “sustainability status” in order to fulfill these goals, and to qualify the city for related federal grants.

The proper role of city government is to be an arbiter between land owners and tax payers rather than the promoter of any “social equity” vision formed far outside of our home town.  Your duty as elected officials is to protect the Rights to life, liberty, and property of the people that live here.

The so-called “collaborative consensus building” relating to the downtown master plan, the park plans, mobility and transportation plans and redevelopment infrastructure are, in reality, the implementation of UN Agenda 21 principles.  Further, these plans are disturbingly similar to the plans being implemented in hundreds of other cities across this country through regional bodies, non-governmental organizations and soviet-style councils, none of which are directly accountable to the electorate.

At a time when we face a huge debt of $384 million (Texas Bond Review Board), it seems only proper and fitting that the public be informed on the issues of cost and potential loss of Rights before any further action is taken.

Redevelopment is the name of the game currently being played in San Marcos.  New design rules such as Smart Code are creating restrictions on property owners that never existed before.  Additional infrastructure investments are being required of taxpayers on behalf of future private re-developments without taxpayers having the opportunity to vote on the additional debt.   There are also other unintended consequences.

Given the long term ramifications on the Rights and financial responsibilities of the people of San Marcos, we advise the following:

  • Immediately withdraw from the city’s partnership with ICLEI–By contracting with ICLEI, a community is signing on to fifteen principles of the Earth Charter which are in direct conflict with our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  At this time, cities such as Irving , Georgetown, and College Station have recently severed ties with ICLEI  for these reasons.
  • Removal of the International Property Maintenance Code as a city ordinance–In the 2009 version and later there are clauses in these codes that infringe upon the Rights of the people.
  • Suspend and retract any across the board rezoning of any property via form-based codes–After talking to many property owners in this area, they feel that the outcomes were predetermined and that they were not a meaningful part of the process.  There are potential legal challenges the city faces by such broad enactment of restrictions through such an unethical process.  Each property should be considered on its own merit with input from surrounding property owners.  If “new urbanism” is a desire, let it be a free market response to a need, and someone in the private market can provide it and put it before the city council just like everyone else does.
  • Halt any and all federal grants which come with mandates and strings attached–After reviewing HUD, DOT and EPA’s sustainability goals, we believe that the personal freedom and private property outweigh the potential spectrum of benefits that the preferred sustainability status has to offer San Marcos.
  • Halt all actions related to achieve a preferred sustainability status–This is a core desire or outcome that should come from community development.  This should be an individual choice.
  • Halt any plans that promote decreases in per capita miles traveled and transportation-related emissions for the region.  We believe this to be frivolous.
  • Oppose and remove any city ordinances related to improved energy efficient standards, and decline federal grants to promote these ideas.
  • Immediately disengage in any broad-based indicators project associated with the Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant
  • Halt current and/or future infill and brownfield projects using taxpayers’ dollars or grants through HUD, DOT and EPA.  It is not the city’s job to determine underutilized areas of others’ private property.
  • Halt any debt spending for infrastructure or amenities that have not been voter approved.
  • Halt any discussions of takings of private property through eminent domain for economic development or non-essential uses.

We also would like locations of all of the collectors and routers for the data collection of the smart meter information in addition to the frequency output of these towers despite this not being a requirement of the FCC.  It is your duty and responsibility to protect the citizens especially since the meters were not adequately tested or meet any standards. 

We know that the APA and other non-governmental organizations have been preparing you for protestations such as ours.  We read their booklet and it is not unexpected.  Who is going to explain to the citizens when they are on the hook if a project is started and the grant money dries up?

Our concern, Mr. Mayor and City Council members, is that you took an oath to protect the citizens of San Marcos.  Therefore, it is incumbent on you to educate yourself on the meaning of sustainable development or Agenda 21, which is being promoted through our Sustainable Communities Regional Planning grant, various NGOs, CAMPO, CAPCOG, Envision Central Texas and various chambers.  We have witnessed first-hand the visioning and progression of Agenda 21 in Central Texas over the last year and a half.  We have witnessed the infringement upon private property ownership, property maintenance codes being enforced unconstitutionally, smart meters being “forced” on unknowing or unwilling customers by utility companies, and favored developers dominating the entire process.  This is happening at an alarming rate and should not be allowed to happen here.

Having lived in San Marcos and invested in having a business here, we are interested in seeing the city move ahead, but not at the price of selling our liberties to more federal regulations.  If people want to develop and make San Marcos grow, they will do so without putting us more in the red.  Since San Marcos is close to being 400 million dollars in debt, let’s do the honest and fair thing for the taxpayers and lay this all out in an unbiased and transparent manner.  We look forward to an answer to these questions before the first of the year.  We trust you will do the right thing.  Many interested citizens are waiting.



Justin Padgett

CC Undisclosed Recipients

To be placed on file with the city secretary.


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