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Fundamentally Transforming America Through HUD Grants

I believe that we are seeing the unveiling of the President’s inaugural wishes of “fundamentally transforming America” with this invasion of illegal aliens. We as a country, will descend into a democracy and not the Constitutional Republic it was founded to be by building a broad base of progressive voters for the rest of my lifetime by building the welfare state. People have typically come to this country because of the opportunity America has to offer, but our country has become a vacuum to service the needs for those seeking a handout instead of a hand up.

The housing of these illegal aliens comprised of poor women, children, and young people will be accomplished in my opinion through federal block grants from HUD via a rule change AND legislation that is currently in the Senate which was narrowly passed by the house. This will all take effect in October. How convenient! In a WND article entitled New Obama Rule Could Force Cities to House Illegals, “The proposed rule would put teeth into the Fair Housing Act of 1968 by providing a set of standards, guidelines, and goals, then use data to “measure” and “assess” how well a local community is meeting its fair housing obligations. Some say the new rule will lead to “racial quotas” and will be exploited by HUD to aggressively absorb the nation’s swelling population of illegal immigrants into communities trying to keep them out.”

This rule has the backing of special interest groups that promote open borders such as the Council of La Raza, of which the current head of HUD, former San Antonio mayor, Julian Castro, has close ties. His “mother, Rosie helped found a radical, anti-white, socialist Chicano party called La Raza Unida (literally “The Race United”) that sought to create a separate country—Aztlan—in the Southwest” according to Breitbart.

Leo Hohmann, WND reports, “The Obama administration in July 2013 quietly introduced a new regulation that critics say will dramatically increase Washington’s power over local zoning laws in every city and town that accepts federal block grants through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.”

In Westchester New York, a federal judge ruled that the affirmatively furthering fair housing plan had not been met. The city had accepted 50 million dollars in federal grants and was sued by the Anti-Discrimination Center and claimed that the county did not properly document race-based impediments to affordable housing. It is expected that this case will be used as a basis for other lawsuits in the days to come.

City and town councils are already starting to see HUD contracts related to block grants showing up in their agenda packets, most likely as part of the five-year consolidated plan for fair housing, which the feds require every city to adopt in order to keep getting the block grants. Many local councils will rubber stamp the agreements without ever knowing what is in them, said Robert Romano, senior editor at Americans for Limited Government. The city of Lubbock is closing public comments on their five year comprehensive plan July 30th for such grants as seen in the link below. These grants are not new to Lubbock, BUT with the new rule change, the current legislation that is before the senate expected to pass, AND the influx of illegals make America ripe for the fundamental transformation to take place if our Representative government, which are city councils, county commissioners, representatives and ordinary citizens do not say NO to the feds. Linked here are questions that have been asked of the members of the Lubbock city Council from the 167 page Consolidated Plan regarding HUD grants. I am hopeful that these members have read the document as we have taken the time to actually read it and pose questions.

It is our fervent hope that our city servants will make the decision that the risks far outweigh the rewards in accepting these federal grants.
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