May 24

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Alert Hays County, CD 35, CD 21, and SD 25 Voters!

Alert Hays County, CD 35, CD 21, and SD 25 Voters!

We need your help on May 29th to fight UN Agenda 21 here in Hays County.

Two of the biggest ringleaders who are pushing UN Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development here are on the Republican Primary ballot on May 29th.  We need your help to get these ringleaders OUT of office and keep them out.

We are totally committed to getting those who push UN Agenda21 here out of office, and getting those who will help us stop it INTO office. We’ve worked hard to get solid “citizen representatives” on the ballot and to support their campaigns.  Now we need YOUR VOTE to help get them elected.

The “citizen representatives” we recommend are well informed about UN Agenda21 / SD and committed to upholding the U.S. Constitution so as to stop the unlawful implementation of this destructive UN Policy here.

Some of these races have been marked by especially vicious and slanderous attacks from those we seek to OUST from office, and their supporters.  Unfortunately, these negative attacks appear to be working in some races – frustrated voters are deciding not to vote for EITHER candidate.

That is why we need your help to get as many people as possible to come out and vote for these “Citizen Representatives” that we support and recommend.    Early vote in Republican Primary through Friday, May 25th OR vote in the main election next Tuesday, May 29th.

Thank you!

Justin Padgett, founder, Resist21
Lenee Lovejoy, founder and editor, Watch On Gov


Recommended “Citizen Representative” Comments
Shawn Blakeley,
Chair Hays Republican Party
A growing number of conservative Republicans in Hays County are seeking a vehicle through which they can elect candidates they feel will best uphold conservative Republican values while in office.  Thus far, the Hays County Republican Party has not been that party.  It is controlled by a few individuals who have sometimes violated party ethics and used the party to protect incumbents.  Under Shawn Blakeley’s leadership we have the best opportunity to transform it into a vehicle for Republican voters who want to become more involved in local government.  Blakeley understands that it is up to the people, not a few individuals at the top of the party, to pick the winners in the Republican primary.  He is the favorite of local grassroots conservatives.His opponent, by contrast, was handpicked to become chair by the few who control the county party.   We must restore ethical leadership to our county Republican party if we are to defeat UN agenda 21 here.
Sam Brannon,
Hays County Commissioner Pct. 3
This is the most important race in the county for defeating implementation of UN Agenda 21 here.Brannon is a retired corporate executive with a degree in finance from U.T.   One of Mr. Brannon’s strengths is his ability to stand strong in the face of personal attacks.  We and other local conservatives anticipated a very dirty race when we recruited Mr. Brannon to challenge an entrenched incumbent who is aggressively pushing one massive comprehensive plan after another all at great expense to taxpayers.  At the heart of each is UN sustainable development. $90,000 to a consultant to transform a citizen focused parks plan into a progressive program of massive tax-payer funded environmental conservationism in this mostly rural county.  $345,000 for an international firm that officially endorses UN Sustainable Development to build our county transportation plan around Environmental Justice guidelines written by the federal department of transportation.The city of San Marcos joined ICLEI last year, and now this incumbent is working on a deal to get our county government to take on more of the expense from SmartCode and other UN sustainable dev programs being implemented in the city.  Both the city and county are now in substantial debt.

We cannot allow this incumbent to continue in public office.   We really need your help to replace him with Mr. Brannon, who is a constitutional conservative and courageous warrior in the effort to protect our county from the destructive policies in UN Agenda21.

Richard Mack,
U.S. Rep. District 21
The distinction between Mack and the incumbent he is challenging could not be more profound.  Mack understands why separation of powers in our government is essential to maintain a free society.   The incumbent he opposes clearly does not.Sheriff Richard Mack sued and won the supreme court case that restored the 10thamendment. The ruling basically says that the states need not comply with mandates from the federal government.  Mack / Printz v. USA, 1997. This ruling has been a major tools for states to use to fight the federal government’s unlawful attempts to force UN Policy in our communities.By contrast, longtime incumbent Lamar Smith has failed completely to uphold the freedom principles established in the structure of government created by the U.S. Constitution.  He authored SOPA, a bill that would give the President and his appointees unilateral power to shut down any internet sight based only on an accusation of copyright infringement.
Rob Roark,
U.S. Rep. District 35
Mr. Roark is a teaparty steady who has inspired a whole new generation of grassroots conservatives.  What you see is what you get with this hard working man who puts 50 hours a week into his day job, and then gives 200% more to help others in his community.He runs against former San Marcos Mayor, Susan Narvaiz, a committed “Cool Mayor” who won awards for implementing Smart Merters in San Marcos, despite the fact that the City lost population as debt and cost of living there grew.  The city was actually sited for becoming a less desirable place to live.Now Narvaiz seeks higher political office.  JUST SAY NO!!

A vote for Rob Roark is a double vote for good government, since it puts a good constitutional conservative in office, while also helping to end the career of an ambitious local politician (Ms. Narvaiz) who has persisted in implementing Agenda 21 here.

Help us do this now by voting FOR Rob Roark!  

The current San Marcos Mayor, who is Narvais’s hand-picked successor,  made San Marcos a member of ICLEI last year and is working diligently on Smart Code implementation there.

Donna Campbell,
State Senator District 25
This tiny medical doctor has the energy of three people and the tenacity of a pit bull.  She had the audacity to take on entrenched progressive Lloyd Doggett in 2010 and came very close to winning.  This year she is back to take on longtime incumbent RINO Wentworth.  Campbell is a committed conservative and we back her 100%.
Greg Parker,
Interim TX Railroad Commissioner
Mr. Parker is a county commissioner in Comal County.  He was one of the first of our local leaders to recognize the hypocrisy of the scare tactics used in the UN’s man-made global warming campaign.  He wrote a book in 2010 to help us distinguish the UN’s extremely flawed Agenda21 policy from good environmental stewardship that actually works.  We also credit him with coining the term ‘EDUCATE and VACATE’, which represents our policy for working with local officials who persist in carrying out destructive UN Agenda21 policy in our home town.


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