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Smart Code Challenge

If your city truly has a  “bottom up” form of government, wouldn’t you think that it would have a unique Land Development Code.  Below is a 20 second exercise.  If you think that your  community is making decisions in its best interest, think again!!!  I picked out a random sentence in our smartcode here in San Marcos and googled it.  Try it and you will see exactly how many other communities are adopting this VERY code.  If this is about attracting business, how are the communities setting themselves apart if ALMOST EVERY other community is adopting the same code?  This is about social equity, and social engineering, and our government telling us how to live.  Shouldn’t government be responsive to the people and respond to it’s needs instead of being in the business of picking winners.  Below is a sample phrase I googled from our Smartcode and dozens of other communities have the same code.  You can pick other sections out and try the same thing and you will come up with a similar result.

Phrase:  “The restoration or rehabilitation of an existing building”
(shall not require the and “smartcode”, however when you copy the above phrase in the search engines, use the quotes.)



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