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Wildlands Project

This map was compiled from documents at the United Nation’s Geneva Headquarters in 1994.  It was produced and shown to The United States Senate as they prepared to vote on the Global Bio-Diversity Treaty.  The Global Bio-Diversity treaty was ready to pass until Congress saw the map above.  The treaty failed because it could not be brought to the floor for a vote.  The good news is that the treaty failed…The bad news is this program is being implemented aggressively through ICLEI as Sustainable Development/Conservation Programs by unelected bureaucrats.

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Wildlands Video

Under the Wildlands Project, wilderness areas with no roads are being created to keep human population from developing this land.  Conservation organizations tout this plan as a way to protect nature, but in reality through conservation easements, Smart Growth, open space and greenlining, private property rights of American citizens are being transferred to these elite …

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Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act limits states rights and subjects the United States to International Law.  It destroys private property rights and is an excuse for the feds to control water rights.  Most importantly the act has failed to save even one specie.  It is used as a tool for the global elitists to control Americans …

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