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Upgrade Your Shaver To The Latest Braun Series

Smart micro-engineering and advanced technology guarantees to give you a smoother and irritation-free complete with each shave     Your dressing routine speaks volumes about just how much you are prepared to invest in yourself in the morning.  And among the clearest indications that you are not ready to compromise on how you look is an investment at a premium shaver from Braun.  Each time you use one, you'll be harnessing microengineering that's the result of years of research and development.  "Top performers are constantly seeking to optimize their everyday routine," says Kieran O'Neill, chief executive of fashion technology manufacturer Thread, who knows why it is crucial to invest in the appropriate technologies.  "Part of the way you do this is having the maximum quality tools, like the Braun collection of shavers.   1 Improved sensitivity For the first time, selecting any of the Series 5, Series 7 or Series 9 shavers means you'll have AutoSense technology at your fingertips, which has, until now, only been available in the Series 7 and 9 versions.  As the title of this technology indicates it automates the shaver's sensitivity so that it is able to adapt to the density of your facial hair around 1,000 times per minute and then responses to correct the power 13 times each second to deliver an effort-free shave that will leave skin smooth and without aggravation.          

That is not all.  Throughout the range, patented smart engineering delivers guaranteed results, so you could always depend on the fact you will attain the look you desire, day after day.    2 friction In the Series 9, by way of instance, a SyncroSonic shaving head can achieve 40,000 cross-cutting activities every minute so the shaver does not create any rust and won't trouble even the most sensitive skin.  "The Series 9 reads and adapts to your beard assessing its density an incredible 160 times weekly," provides Parsa Rad, creative manager of luxury barbershop The Refinery.     3 Easier to wash out the engineering of this Braun shavers ensures that each and every time you pick up one you can be sure it is hygienic and ready to use.   And finally, there is Braun's assurance that this shaving technology is thoroughly tested so that it surpasses the expectations of the contemporary man's dressing ritual.  Cutting edge This set of Telegraph features investigates the ability of flexibility, while it's in your workout, your business life or your shaving routine.  Braun's Series 5, Series 7 and Series 9 shavers today all include AutoSense technology for a gentle yet effective shave tailored to your beard's demands.  All three can be found on Amazon.   

By Admin Last updated: 9 February 2018, 12:54