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Shave Wet Or Shave Dry? Choose Your Braun!

You think you would be quite good at something you have done daily for all your adult life, would not you?  However, it appears that most men are still worried that their shaving regime is not all it might be and that their individual skin problems are frequently the result of the lifestyle choices. When you feel unsure about your appearance and your skin, it can affect everything from the way you perform on the job to how you feel about yourself on a date.  
Skin problems were shown to be the number-one concern for men in Braun's global survey to the regular skin customs of men aged 18-34. The poll also revealed the seven distinct "typologies" of shavers who suffered from insecurities about their skin.  Various lifestyles resulted in different skin issues, with factors like alcohol, caffeine, smoking, air pollution and traveling all taking their toll. Commuters, who need to shave every day and work in dry, air-conditioned offices, tend to fret about how breakouts and redness look to their colleagues, while "social sensitives" -- who drink and socialize daily -- care about how irritated skin appears to dates and friends. The healthy-living types naturally have better skin, but still be concerned about how it seems.  Individuals who work outside are generally less worried: for them, the key concerns are what smog and perspiration due to their skin. Regardless of what their lifestyle option, all of the typologies felt they struggled at times to keep normal, healthy-looking skin.  Their distinct morning regimes -- a few switching between wet and dry shaving, some just shaving once a week -- combined with their skin type to cause difficulties.
The survey indicates that everyone occasionally experiences skin sensitivity after shaving, leaving their skin feeling dry or itchy, and every group of shavers approaches the problem in another way.  As an example, "cosmopolitan chameleons" reached for the moisturizer, while "party kinds" decided to change their shaving technique from moist to dry. All Braun shavers go indirectly, intuitive strokes so that you do not need to circle over precisely the exact same spot twice, helping to minimize skin irritation.  However, the Series 3 ProSkin includes a thin precision mind, which makes it effortless to reach difficult locations, like that tricky bit below the nose.  Additionally, it has three specialized cutting components, protected by patented metallic mesh SensoFoils™ that are suited to any skin type.

All 3 super-sharp cutting components are pressure-sensitive, automatically retracting to protect your skin, but the center one also includes a Micro Comb, to grab more hair from the very first stroke to get a faster shave and with increased skin comfort. The ergonomic grip provides you complete control, and the innovative technology tackles hairs in just the correct depth and angle to eliminate them without scratching, rubbing or overheating skin.  It's also waterproof, works great with shaving foam or dyes as well as in the shower. Therefore, if you are still an uncertain shaver, do not worry. This collection of Telegraph features explores the frontier of beard technology -- and also the way to be perfectly dressed in general.

By Admin Last updated: 23 August 2019, 20:52