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Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver Is Your Saver

Like many men, 1 commodity I am short of about a workday morning (besides eggs florentine delivered to me in bed) is time.  Because of this, the two things that are often incredibly rushed are my breakfast and my morning shave. I can recall my father waltzing around the house with his bowl of cereal before going into the restroom, where I'd hear the familiar electric hum of his Braun wet and dry shaver before his final dash to the door. It was my turn to trial the most current Braun Series 9, which comes packed with the type of innovations and technology which, I expected, would revolutionize my dawn.

My daddy's routine was my first exposure to shaving -- one that's similar to a lot of men of my generation -- that is why many people took up razors and foam to attempt and instill a small straight-edge razor and hot-towel calm for their morning routine.  However, with all the inevitable time constraints, the results were less barbershop and more Sweeney Todd, with hurried strokes resulting in bloodied nicks and a rough finish.
I've been a dedicated wet shaver for three years, but I wanted to test-shave the new Braun Series 9 to determine if additional improvements in technology could convince me to change.  Efficient and gentle are not two words that could ever explain my morning routine but the new Series 9 guaranteed a shave that would be equally, as a result of the state of the art engineering which has caused a cutting head that immediately adapts to take care of distinct beard thicknesses and make 160 adjustments every moment.


And so, on a Monday morning, which is relied on to make me more hurried than on any other day of the week (and when I am also at summit beard) I gave it a go.
Without fail, Monday delivered and I entered the toilet stressed and wondering if this was the best time to be shifting shavers.  
It glided smoothly and painlessly over the weekend development, the titanium coated trimmer leaving nothing but smooth skin in its aftermath with no sign of irritation and, in the time it would have generally have taken me to lather up, I had been on into the trickier parts of the shave, where I believed that the new Series 9 will be really tested. Although, if you are feeling a bit nostalgic for some foam, the Series 9 works just as efficiently as a wet-shave razor -- one for the weekend, I presume. It's the type of performance I should have expected from a product that's been exposed to over 1,000 manufacturing phases and 200-grade checks -- more than some cars nowadays, I'd suspect.
Much to the bewilderment of the Axworthy family (particularly my 2 boys), I emerged from the bathroom a fresh guy and with time to spare.  If that is my boys' lasting memory of shaving, I do not imagine they will go near a manual razor in their own lives.  And, being a dedicated convert and with a bit more practice, I might even have time for all those eggs florentine.
By Admin Last updated: 23 August 2019, 20:51