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Shave Wet Or Shave Dry? Choose Your Braun!

You think you would be quite good at something you have done daily for all your adult life, would not you?  However, it appears that most men are still worried that their shaving regime is not all it might be and that their individual skin problems are frequently the result of the lifestyle choices. When you feel unsure about your appearance and your skin, it can affect everything from the way you perform on the job to how you feel about yourself on a date.  
Skin problems were shown to be the number-one concern for men in Braun's global survey to the regular skin customs of men aged 18-34. The poll also revealed the seven distinct "typologies" of shavers who suffered from insecurities about their skin.  Various lifestyles resulted in different skin issues, with factors like alcohol, caffeine, smoking, air pollution and traveling all taking their toll. Commuters, who need to shave every day and work in dry, air-conditioned offices, tend to fret about how breakouts and redness look to their colleagues, while "social sensitives" -- who drink and socialize daily -- care about how irritated skin appears to dates and friends. The healthy-living types naturally have better skin, but still be concerned about how it seems.  Individuals who work outside are generally less worried: for them, the key concerns are what smog and perspiration due to their skin. Regardless of what their lifestyle option, all of the typologies felt they struggled at times to keep normal, healthy-looking skin.  Their distinct morning regimes -- a few switching between wet and dry shaving, some just shaving once a week -- combined with their skin type to cause difficulties.
The survey indicates that everyone occasionally experiences skin sensitivity after shaving, leaving their skin feeling dry or itchy, and every group of shavers approaches the problem in another way.  As an example, "cosmopolitan chameleons" reached for the moisturizer, while "party kinds" decided to change their shaving technique from moist to dry. All Braun shavers go indirectly, intuitive strokes so that you do not need to circle over precisely the exact same spot twice, helping to minimize skin irritation.  However, the Series 3 ProSkin includes a thin precision mind, which makes it effortless to reach difficult locations, like that tricky bit below the nose.  Additionally, it has three specialized cutting components, protected by patented metallic mesh SensoFoils™ that are suited to any skin type.

All 3 super-sharp cutting components are pressure-sensitive, automatically retracting to protect your skin, but the center one also includes a Micro Comb, to grab more hair from the very first stroke to get a faster shave and with increased skin comfort. The ergonomic grip provides you complete control, and the innovative technology tackles hairs in just the correct depth and angle to eliminate them without scratching, rubbing or overheating skin.  It's also waterproof, works great with shaving foam or dyes as well as in the shower. Therefore, if you are still an uncertain shaver, do not worry. This collection of Telegraph features explores the frontier of beard technology -- and also the way to be perfectly dressed in general.

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Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver Is Your Saver

Like many men, 1 commodity I am short of about a workday morning (besides eggs florentine delivered to me in bed) is time.  Because of this, the two things that are often incredibly rushed are my breakfast and my morning shave. I can recall my father waltzing around the house with his bowl of cereal before going into the restroom, where I'd hear the familiar electric hum of his Braun wet and dry shaver before his final dash to the door. It was my turn to trial the most current Braun Series 9, which comes packed with the type of innovations and technology which, I expected, would revolutionize my dawn.

My daddy's routine was my first exposure to shaving -- one that's similar to a lot of men of my generation -- that is why many people took up razors and foam to attempt and instill a small straight-edge razor and hot-towel calm for their morning routine.  However, with all the inevitable time constraints, the results were less barbershop and more Sweeney Todd, with hurried strokes resulting in bloodied nicks and a rough finish.
I've been a dedicated wet shaver for three years, but I wanted to test-shave the new Braun Series 9 to determine if additional improvements in technology could convince me to change.  Efficient and gentle are not two words that could ever explain my morning routine but the new Series 9 guaranteed a shave that would be equally, as a result of the state of the art engineering which has caused a cutting head that immediately adapts to take care of distinct beard thicknesses and make 160 adjustments every moment.


And so, on a Monday morning, which is relied on to make me more hurried than on any other day of the week (and when I am also at summit beard) I gave it a go.
Without fail, Monday delivered and I entered the toilet stressed and wondering if this was the best time to be shifting shavers.  
It glided smoothly and painlessly over the weekend development, the titanium coated trimmer leaving nothing but smooth skin in its aftermath with no sign of irritation and, in the time it would have generally have taken me to lather up, I had been on into the trickier parts of the shave, where I believed that the new Series 9 will be really tested. Although, if you are feeling a bit nostalgic for some foam, the Series 9 works just as efficiently as a wet-shave razor -- one for the weekend, I presume. It's the type of performance I should have expected from a product that's been exposed to over 1,000 manufacturing phases and 200-grade checks -- more than some cars nowadays, I'd suspect.
Much to the bewilderment of the Axworthy family (particularly my 2 boys), I emerged from the bathroom a fresh guy and with time to spare.  If that is my boys' lasting memory of shaving, I do not imagine they will go near a manual razor in their own lives.  And, being a dedicated convert and with a bit more practice, I might even have time for all those eggs florentine.
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Upgrade Your Shaver To The Latest Braun Series

Smart micro-engineering and advanced technology guarantees to give you a smoother and irritation-free complete with each shave     Your dressing routine speaks volumes about just how much you are prepared to invest in yourself in the morning.  And among the clearest indications that you are not ready to compromise on how you look is an investment at a premium shaver from Braun.  Each time you use one, you'll be harnessing microengineering that's the result of years of research and development.  "Top performers are constantly seeking to optimize their everyday routine," says Kieran O'Neill, chief executive of fashion technology manufacturer Thread, who knows why it is crucial to invest in the appropriate technologies.  "Part of the way you do this is having the maximum quality tools, like the Braun collection of shavers.   1 Improved sensitivity For the first time, selecting any of the Series 5, Series 7 or Series 9 shavers means you'll have AutoSense technology at your fingertips, which has, until now, only been available in the Series 7 and 9 versions.  As the title of this technology indicates it automates the shaver's sensitivity so that it is able to adapt to the density of your facial hair around 1,000 times per minute and then responses to correct the power 13 times each second to deliver an effort-free shave that will leave skin smooth and without aggravation.          

That is not all.  Throughout the range, patented smart engineering delivers guaranteed results, so you could always depend on the fact you will attain the look you desire, day after day.    2 friction In the Series 9, by way of instance, a SyncroSonic shaving head can achieve 40,000 cross-cutting activities every minute so the shaver does not create any rust and won't trouble even the most sensitive skin.  "The Series 9 reads and adapts to your beard assessing its density an incredible 160 times weekly," provides Parsa Rad, creative manager of luxury barbershop The Refinery.     3 Easier to wash out the engineering of this Braun shavers ensures that each and every time you pick up one you can be sure it is hygienic and ready to use.   And finally, there is Braun's assurance that this shaving technology is thoroughly tested so that it surpasses the expectations of the contemporary man's dressing ritual.  Cutting edge This set of Telegraph features investigates the ability of flexibility, while it's in your workout, your business life or your shaving routine.  Braun's Series 5, Series 7 and Series 9 shavers today all include AutoSense technology for a gentle yet effective shave tailored to your beard's demands.  All three can be found on Amazon.   

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